Tuesday, August 23, 2011

it's late

Well, it was very hot and pretty hard, and we are not finished. it had to be the hottest day of the year. Also, it's summer vacation and in the middle of the week so we didn't get much help. I do praise God for the friends that did help us. I'm very grateful!!!! I feel very sorry we didn't get much help because they all had to work over time. And we thought we were done packing, but we weren't. Jessica was over the top Autistic. She did not want to leave the car. But you can not leave anyone in a car on a day like today. It was extremely frustrating. That's an understatement. The movers we hired where awesome!!! They worked very hard and did an excellent job. We are working late trying to get all the rest ready for them to move. But we won't get it all finished. There will still be a few things we will need to return for. All the garden stuff for example. The renovation took too much of our time. We just were over our heads in work. And we will be over our heads for a while longer. We have so much to put away...and so much to clean. But the house is amazing! We aren't done with the boys rooms...but we will get to that too. It all seems so messy, kind of like birth.

We will not have a new phone until Sept 1st. I'll send the new number out to my friends and family. I can still get e-mail. I will also call my parents God willing tomorrow night. We have a phone at this house, but I'm going to be mostly at the other house. I wish we where better at this whole moving thing. We are pretty unorganized I'm afraid. But it isn't so easy to move such a big ship! Maybe we really do it all well? It's just such a difficult task? I don't know. What I know is we have gotten through this day. And I guess that is the worst of it. So goodnight. Please keep praying for us. We need the help! I'll try to keep posting. I've got to keep returning to our house in Leimen to clean and move plants.

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