Sunday, August 28, 2011

A day of rest

I enjoyed going to church today. Afterwards We went to our old house to pick a few things. There is a problem with water in the basement. It looks like a rain gutter got blocked and the one storage room got wet. We need to have it checked and fixed. Hopefully it's nothing major. We have never had water trouble before. We took the house off the market for the next month. We will fix it up before trying to sell or rent it. We want to take most of our plants, and replace them with grass. We want to paint and in a few rooms put up fresh wallpaper. We also want to have the wood floors redone and put in new floors in many of the rooms. We think we can hire someone to do most of this work. I'll do most of the painting and garden work. It will either make it easier to sell, or prepare it to be rented. If we rent it, we can write off the cost of renovation. We hope to sell, but we are pretty realistic about the housing market. Maybe God just wants us to keep the house, or He is keeping it for someone special? I feel peace. Our new house is a mess. It's going to be a mess for at least one more week. But I'm sure we will eventually bring it into good order. I'm not doing anything today but resting. I watched a movie with the kids. I'm dreaming, not stressing. I'm sorry Juergen has to go back to work. He is sad about that too. It's been nice having him home for 4 whole weeks. They were stressful but good weeks. We both love our new house. It doesn't really feel like we live here yet. But I'm sure it will feel real in time. Anyway, I just wanted to check in. We should have a phone in a few days. Until then I will be back at work unpacking all the stuff. Maybe I'll find my camera?

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