Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 4 of renovation

I was home with Philip, Sarah, and Jessica until about 12:30. Juergen had to be at the house early to let the heater guys in. They are moving water pipes in Thomas' room, and putting in heating in their rooms. The contractor also looked at the balcony's again. We need to have them repaired. And the new windows for the covered porch were ordered. I came with the kids, and we began painting the living room. Jessica only wanted to stay one hour. I had to drive her for awhile. Then I could return and work for 2 more hours.
Really, it's not so easy to renovate with the kids! They are getting tired. We need to keep going. I wish I had someone to just watch Jessica and Sarah. But I guess the destination(renovation) is not the's the journey. And on this journey I can try to rush, or I can teach my kids how to work. Philip did a pretty good job painting today! Sarah did Ok too. It's a slow process! And it's also frustrating. The paint doesn't cover the owners loud colors in one coat. Everything has to be painted 2 or even 3 times. The bank papers arrived today. We should own the house in one week. Juergen is thinking about taking 4 weeks off. I don't really see how we can manage it if he doesn't take the time off. But we love our house! I hate the stucco they put on the's really awful stuff! But I still feel very happy when I can sit out side and look over that amazing garden! I have zero idea how we can sell our house in Leimen , or rent our house? I promised myself not to worry about that. I’m being good at just letting that go! Juergen is doing so much of the work himself, to save money. We both love the house! It makes us very happy to be there!

BTW, if you want to stop by and help us paint here is our house on google. We should be there Friday afternoon. We will grill you dinner! And we will be there (God willing ) on the weekend and for the next 2 weeks.

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