Friday, August 19, 2011

the plan for today

We slept until 8am. Juergen is buying supplies at OBI. Nicole and Sarah are walking the dog and buying rolls. They will pick grapes for me before they leave. I will continue to make juice and pack. Philip and Thomas will pack. Juergen, Nicole and Sarah will wall paper. Jess just watches TV. Later in the day, when the windows are in, God willing, I'll go to the house too. I hope to begin wallpapering Philip's bedroom. Juergen and I have decided to have a closet building challenge. I said it would be cool to use these bricks to build a closet. He said that would be need to use wood. So I challenged him to a contest. I'm building Philips closet and he has to build Thomas' closet. We have until the end of September to finish. I'm not sure who decided what is best. It will have something to do with how much it cost, how long it took to build and how it looks. I'm going to get Philip and Nicole to graffiti the sliding doors in front of the closet. I'm planning on winning! I've never really built anything before, but I've seen things built on TV. Juergen should never call my ideas stupid!

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