Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finding the floor again

Boxes take up most of the floor space in our house. It's been really hard to walk. But I keep putting stuff away. Little by little I am seeing the floors again. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I may have a kitchen by the end of the day. A huge number of the boxes belong to the kitchen. I put away the sheets and blankets. That gave me space in the upstairs hall. I put away 2 boxes of DVD's and videos. Now I can see more of my office. It's sort of like a giant puzzle. You have to put together cabinets, then you can fill them. That gives you the space to put together shelves...and then clear more boxes. The garage is set up, but the concrete floor has to be painted. Once that's finished I can set up the shelves and put the garden stuff away. I have boxes of bathroom stuff stacked up. I'm waiting for Juergen to pick up the wardrobe I bought on eBay. He will build shelving into that wardrobe then I can put the bath stuff away. I could have kept Juergen very busy this week. Too bad he had to go to work. But the handyman that's setting up the kitchen seems to be doing a good job. We hope he can put in the remaining floors in our office, Jessica's TV room, and Philip's room. We also need doors for the boy's rooms. That will require some brick work. Then there are a few things to be done at the old house. I hope he has the time for us. I will be so glad to see an end to this mess. Yes, I know we have only moved a week ago. It seems longer. I'm sure having a kitchen will make a very big difference!

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