Monday, August 29, 2011

feeling sad and sick

One of the first things I boxed up and placed in the storage room was the photo's I had framed on our walls. All my photo's got wet, and full of mold. I had to toss all these photo's and the frames (about 30 pictures). I have them all on my computer and they can be replaced. A box of the kids art also got a little wet. But there wasn't any mold on the frames or art. These things could never be replaced. I had pictures Nicole drew when she was 3, and the first thing Philip and Thomas ever drew for me. I wiped the frames with an anti mold cleaner. I'm so grateful I did not lose these pictures! But I feel really sick from the mold. I took a shower and changed my cloths. I have a terrible headache. Juergen is working on the kitchen but I'm going to bed.

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