Sunday, August 21, 2011

feeling very blessed

We all went to the house today to hang wallpaper and paint. We still need to paint one wall in Thomas' room, and hang the photo wallpaper in Philip's room. But I think we can finish their rooms before the end of the week. A friend told Juergen we should have their furniture moved to a room in the basement (the heating room). Then when we are finished with the boys rooms we don't need to carry the furniture very far. Great idea! We have added a few more friends to help us on Tuesday. I am so blessed for the friendship, and the help. It was also fun to watch Philip and Sarah spend about an hour chasing grasshoppers in the garden. Later Philip, Thomas and Sarah played with their Nerf dart guns. Nicole said she couldn’t wait for the snow forts and snowball fights we can have this winter.
Juergen went to pick up the table I bought on eBay for the kids. The problem is the table is too good for a Lego table. We are going to use it in the kitchen instead! It's really nice! And I won the living room set today too! I also won another bid on an old wardrobe I think I'll use in the hallway upstairs. I'll put bath towels and extra toilet paper in that cabinet. The only problem is finding time to pick these things up. I need to stop bidding on eBay. I think it would be very cool to buy and sell antiques. I could buy them here and ship them to America. That would be a very cool job! But shipping them to America? I'm not so sure how I could do that. I need to stop the bidding, I'm running out of space. If we decide to run a vacation house (if we can not sell) I'll bid away! I do hope we can sell...but just in case I know just the place to shop. I think the only reason I’m winning bids is because it’s summer vacation. Everyone is out of town. I generally lose my bids on eBay.

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