Sunday, August 07, 2011

I just dropped Philip off at summer camp. He was pretty down because his best friend had to cancel. Philip didn’t know anyone in his group. Nicole is working at the camp. She said there is a large waiting list. They were so glad to give the place to a child whose dad got sent to prison. I’m always being reminded that God knows what he is doing. I’m sure Philip will manage to make friends. But God knew this other child needed the place!

It was so nice to see Nicole. I missed her so much! She had a hard but good week as a councilor. She will be a springer this week. She just basically does stuff that needs to be done, but doesn't need to lead. We got to go out to lunch together. We eat at a real German guest house/beer garden. It was in a small town in the middle of no place. I'm so glad we got the time to catch up.

Sarah was in awful pain last night. Juergen had to take her to the hospital. She has a kidney infection. I'm not really sure what caused it. She hasn't been drinking enough I guess. So they gave her antibiotics. They got home about 3:30am. We missed church today. Just too tired. But she should be OK.

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