Monday, August 08, 2011

Week 2 of renovation

Juergen left early for the house. He took Thomas with him. Sarah woke up really angry because he didn't take her too. I lent my car to someone for 2 days. So I'm home until Juergen picks us up after lunch. I need to clean, pack and do laundry. Our house is a real mess!
I want an over sized swing in our garden. Something adults can use. The big swings cost so much! I've been looking on eBay. I haven't found anything. I did find this swing...but it's too far away. I wonder if I can have something like this built? Maybe in metal. Sarah is the only small person in the family. Nicole said she wants to swing too.

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Shelley said...

that's a cool looking swing. Do they sell just the hardware at your local hardware store?