Saturday, August 27, 2011

sorry no pictures

We don't have our phone yet. I'm using an internet stick. It's actually pretty cool. You have this small stick that connects you to the internet for a flat rate of 2€ per day. I don't have any time to be on line. And the connection isn't very good. I don't actually know where my camera is yet. sorry I don't have photo's yet. Until we get a kitchen, the boxes are still pretty much everywhere. I'm not sure I want any photo's of this mess! I hope that there will be enough order by the end of the week...about the time we get our phone. then I'll be glad to show you some before and after shots.
Today we tried to put the floor in Philips bedroom. It did not work because the floor is too uneven. We need to have the floor evened out a little first. This may need a day or 2 to arrange. Juergen did hand curtain rods in Sarah's room, the upstairs hallway and the office. I bought the curtains and hardware for the living room and kitchen. I did allot of laundry. I also put allot of things away in the basement. I bought frames for star wars posters I had bought for Thomas. His room is looking better and better. We need to put a floor in the basement hallway. The dust there tracks into the boys rooms. So this week I'm going to finish the basement walls. I need to finish the walls before we have a floor put down. I would like the same terracotta we have in the upstairs hall. I think we can lay a cheep linoleum down in the laundry room and storage rooms. But the dusty old concrete can not be kept clean. I wouldn't care if the boys were not sleeping there. We are also going to check the price of replacing the glass in our old windows. We love the old window frames, but we can get glass that has better insulation. It has been very hot, but today the tempter dropped. Winter is not very far off. We need to consider the cost of heating this place!
The kids have been playing very well here. We have not hooked up the TV. We are thinking of not hooking it up. Maybe we will just have the DVD player, no TV. we don't need the time waster!

I want to take tomorrow off. I hope I can make it to church in Heidelberg. I may also see if there is a good movie out. I do not want to work on the house for a day. I need a break!

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Shelley said...

We all need a day off