Friday, August 26, 2011

Thomas has a floor

I was really tired today. I think it all caught up to me...all the work. I even took a short nap. But we still made good progress. We finished painting Philip's room with graffiti. That was a blast. Philip, Thomas, Sarah and Nicole sprayed up his walls. Philip painted a giant cross on his ceiling. It was his idea, and he was very proud to show it to me! And Thomas and Juergen put in a Cork floor in Thomas' bedroom. It's really nice! It is warm and soft and quite. The boys will sleep in Thomas' room tonight. We hope to finish Philip's floor tomorrow. We also need to put a floor in the hallway, otherwise there is too much dust. Nicole is at camp. There are storms outside. Please pray they will all be safe and dry this week. OK, Juergen wants his computer back. Just checking in. Maybe we will have a phone by September 1st?

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Shelley said...

Where's the pictures?