Wednesday, August 03, 2011

day 3

I stayed home with Jessica this morning. She slept and I packed. Then about 1pm she handed me a video and wanted to go to the house. I put her VCR at the house. So I picked food up for everyone and got to the house by 2pm. Juergen is almost finished with the work outside. They broke up all the concrete outside of the boys windows. They will cut holes in the basement walls, and put in larger windows. They also sorted the trash where the garage will go. They laid a foundation of just broken concrete. Then metal will go in, and fresh concrete will be poured. We also kept painting. And I started to remove the tile in the hallway upstairs. New tile will be laid down in the 3rd week. The heater guy was there today. He starts work on Philip and Thomas' new heaters early tomorrow. The kids also cut the grass today.


caring for the garden said...

Looking good. The grass is much better cut. The walls are looking great. The help fantastic. So Jess is OK at the new place as long as she has her comforts of home? Simple solution to a major problem Clever girl.

Shelley said...

It looks like we are both under construction