Sunday, August 21, 2011

Going slow today, but not really

I'm resting this morning. I drank a coffee and watched Derek Prince preach. Juergen and Nicole are helping to teach the kids service today. I made one big pot of grape juice, and I'll make one more. That isn't really hard. I enjoy it. And I'll cook some easy Mexican food. It will most likely be the last thing I cook in this house. I've already packed the dishes. We need to use paper plates. I finished packing my books today. I have about 12 boxes of books. Juergen has another 6 boxes. We will have a real library in our house. We have decided not to share our office with Nicole. Instead we will put a sofa sleeper in the library. Juergen will finally have a home for his guitars. Only the VIP guests like my parents will get Nicole's bedroom. Everyone else gets the sleeper sofa. Of course all of are guests are important. But my dad can know long climb up stairs. A good friend of mine said people probably wouldn't want to stay with us if they knew we where kicking Nicole out of her room. So perhaps we will get more visitors if they know they are not kicking anyone out of their room? Anyway, it will be a very cool guestroom, office, library and music room. We hung up the giant dandelion wallpaper. It is a very fun space! I think we will try to finish the wallpaper in Philip and Thomas’ bedrooms. I may also do some cleaning. I don’t generally like to work on Sunday, but we have a deadline. But hanging wallpaper isn’t work, it’s creative and fun. Even cleaning is fun because it’s cleaning our new house. I’m sure that feeling will not last! If I tried to pack the last storage room today…that would be work! I’ll save that work for tomorrow! I feel the wind at my back…we are sailing into the final week. This is moving week!

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