Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From my desk

Juergen stayed up late putting the cork floor in our office. Then we put in our desks and storage shelves. I don't have a phone (I think they come tomorrow). I have to unpack, but I now have my desk. My camera is with my office stuff. Maybe I'll find it today? but my first priority will be cleaning the kitchen cabinets, and unpacking the kitchen. It isn't 100% set up. The supply company messed up our order. The small countertop piece for the sink is missing. The handyman cut a piece from our old countertop and gave us a temporary sink. And we need 2 more cabinets and a few cosmetic details. But it is going to be a really nice kitchen! With the new countertop, cabinets and instillation it probably cost us 3000 Euro. But a new kitchen would have been 12,000 Euro. So I'm sure we did the right thing by moving it.
I'm going to be glad to finish this whole renovation, move thing! I'll be happy to just live for awhile. But it's been a good thing. Philip spent most of the day building kitchen cabinets with the handyman. he really seems to have a future in this direction. Philip has learning problems. Like any mother I've worried about his future. We moved here for many reasons, but one benefit has been Philip's opportunity to developed "handyman" skills. I also watched Sarah riding her roller in our drive way yesterday. The kids took cardboard and built a fort in the garden. Thomas and Philip set up their guitars on the terrace last night. They were going to give a concert. It was too late, and the neighbor has a small child. I told them to take the guitars to their rooms. but the terrace does look like a stage. I'm impressed by the freedom and creativity they are showing. They had no room in Leimen. It was such a good decision to move.

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