Monday, August 29, 2011


Juergen is back at work today. Our garage is suppose to come today. I also want to take the kids to the movies. I'm doing laundry and unpacking. Apart from that, life is getting back to "normal". Tomorrow we may have our kitchen in. That will be a big deal! And Saturday Juergen has to go pick up the living room set I won on eBay. I hope its nice. I should not have bid on it without asking him first. We can not go forward on Philip's room until they even the floor out. So Philip is without a room. Thomas will not share his room because Philip gets on his nerves. I guess that's Philip's fault! I suppose we can set up the tent in Philip's room. He can sleep there for now. I want him out of the living room. These are all small matters. And we need to have a "water” guy come cleanup the damage in our basement in Leimen. Juergen thinks it was a damaged rain gutter that caused the trouble. God willing, The Leimen house will be fixed up in the next our "free time". So yes, life is a little busy for now. I'm encouraged because I see progress. I think it will be amazing how much will get done in the next month. I hope it will be a productive month!

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