Wednesday, August 10, 2011

so far today

I got out early today. I bought paint to finish my bedroom and the office. I painted in the office. It's nearly finished. Juergen arrived an hour after me with the kids. They started to pull up the old tile from the hallway. The new tile gets put down beginning on Friday. Thomas jumped off one of our walls and hurt his foot. I brought him home and put some ice on it. If it's not better I'll take him to the Dr. But it looks better already. I think I need to put up a lattice wall so the kids don't kill themselves. We have 2, and maybe 3 people looking at our house in Leimen Friday morning. Hopefully we can get a buyer soon. We buy our house in Bad Schönborn on Friday I think. So Friday we will own 2 houses...and I really hope we can sell one of them! So apart from painting, I also need to clean the house in Leimen. It is a bit crazy but we are really happy, and we are getting it done. God is giving us joy!

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Love the entery