Tuesday, August 09, 2011

week 2 day 2

Today it was all about painting and packing. I packed 12 boxes of dishes and other stuff. Thomas packed cloths. Then we painted. Juergen and Sarah finished the kitchen. It is a really pretty green. We also began to paint the office. Juergen touched up the hallway upstairs. Thursday the guy comes to finish the hardwood floors upstairs. We need the paint finished in our bedroom, office and Jessica's room tomorrow. Then Friday the tile guy comes to lay down tile upstairs hallway. we ordered the tile, but I'm not sure it will be there in time. But it's getting very exciting. I see everything start to come together. It looks really good! I am so tired, I just about fall asleep when I sit down. We have to work very hard to finish it all before the move. We may have a few people looking at our house for sale. One person looks Friday morning. I hope we can just sell it. I want to be free from the responsibility! Our bank is still processing things with the new house. God willing we will own it in the next 2 days.

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Shelley said...

Are you taking pictures of both places and all the chaos? You might want to look back on it to remember.