Monday, August 15, 2011

on edge

Juergen took Jessica to the Dr's this morning. They gave us something to try, to reduce anxiety. She needs to calm down or she can not go to school this fall. We are all stressed out. I had to get the kids out the door early. I wanted to get as much of Nicole’s room finished before Juergen returned from the Dr with Jessica. So we worked very hard, and we are 90% finished with Nicole’s bedroom paint. I need more paint to finish the job. Sarah has worked very hard for 2 weeks. She is basically tired! She begins to fall apart. I need someone to take care of her for a few days. The boys only worked on the house one week each, Nicole has worked only one day. Poor Sarah has worked hard for 2 weeks. She needs a break. But Juergen and I need to finish the job. We only have 6 days to finish an amazing amount of stuff! I'm home now. The kids are playing. I'm starting to make grape juice. I'm also doing laundry and dishes, and packing. No rest for me. But I'm trying to focus on what has to be done today. With grace we will get it done!

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caring for the garden said...

IF your grapes are a variety you want at the new house,you can easily start some new plants. Jist cut some ends off the plant (no larger diameyer than a pencil) and put the root end in potting soil. Keep well watered until you are ready to transplant directly in the soil. Fall is a good time to put them in the ground because they will stay damp and form a good root system over winter.