Monday, August 22, 2011

So the time has come

I was over my head in boxes today. so many boxes I can not breath. It was also the hottest day of the year. I was sweating so much the salt hurt my eyes. And you take a shower, and feel just the same when you get out. I also made and bottled the last of our grapes. I made 16 beautiful bottles of juice. I hope to use the juice at our house warming party in October. Juergen and a friend took apart cabinets. Our house is a mess! The movers come at 7am tomorrow. Juergen will be here. I'll take the kids to the new house. Nicole, Jessica and I took breakable stuff like my china dishes to the house this afternoon. I actually used the colors in my china as inspiration for all the paint in the house. Juergen gave me those dishes about 8 years ago (our first Christmas in Leimen). I've always loved those Mediterranean colors of blue, terracotta, green and yellow. Now those colors are on the wall of a real villa. How cool is that?
Nicole, Jessica and I also went to IKEA to buy some of the furniture I want for Philip and Thomas' rooms. They needed shorter cabinets because the basement walls are short. The boys can maybe build a cabinet or 2 tomorrow. Their rooms aren't finished yet. But they need something to do tomorrow. I will be too busy to keep them busy. I hope I can sleep. These photo's are from yesterday.

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