Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Extra sleep and the work goes on

We returned to the house last night. Juergen and I went to the building supply store and bought flooring for Thomas and Nicole’s rooms. It was very heavy and the boys unloaded it for us. Juergen and Nicole finished painting all but one wall of Nicole’s bedroom. The boys practiced break dancing in the yard. Sarah is at a friends house. I'm sure she is having fun. She has worked very hard and needed a break. I managed to make 10 large jars of grape juice last night. I'll make more today (God willing).
Today Juergen try’s to finish breaking open the holes in the basement walls for the boys new windows. The upstairs floor gets grout. It looks amazing! The living room and kitchen wall gets finished. They start on the windows upstairs. Windows are suppose to be put in tomorrow (upstairs and in the basement). They want to begin the ground floor tile tomorrow too. So I guess we can not work in the house tomorrow? Maybe we can put up wallpaper early? I need to make 2 trips to pick up the tile today. I may also get the boys started on removing grass in the front yard. I need to make planting beds for my flowers. I'll also be packing, picking grapes and making juice. Our moving date got moved by one day. So we move next Tuesday and Wednesday. That gives us an extra day to finish the boys bedrooms. And we can not begin to work there until after the windows are put in. The extra sleep helped me. I’m ready to go!

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