Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where to put the boy's

Nicole has her German abitur exam today. I'm praying for her. I'm also thinking allot about where we should put the boys in our new house. The attic is possible but expensive. The basement has 2 rooms available. This would be easier, and cheaper to prepare. I just need to get use to the idea. Nicole wants to go to International House of Prayer for 6 months in the fall. I'm not sure how that can work. I guess she can secure a place in Art school, then take next year off. She wants to do this, and the time would be best before she starts school. But the timing for us is not so good. It will cost between 5000 and 6000 Euro for us to send her there. That's money we can not spend for an attic remodeling job, and or a new kitchen. So we will see. I'm seeing what we can do to make our basement very nice for the boy's. It isn't really the rooms that bother me, it's having the boys in such a far off location. I can not hear them "getting into trouble"! Maybe I need a monitoring system so I can hear them. I don't want to put them on the same floor as Jessica because they are loud. They bother her too much. In this way the basement is better. It's a big, dry basement. There are 2 good sized rooms we could use for the boys. We could dig out spaces to add larger windows to let in natural light. We couldn't finish the celings because there isn't any headroom. But we can finish the floors and walls. We can add heat and electric.

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caring for the garden said...

Not so bad. Kind of like my sewing room.