Monday, March 28, 2011

A place for Jessica

Today Juergen and I went on a tour of the workshop and care center in Bruchsal. It was very clean and well organized. The director was very kind. She seemed to know the name of each and every person. That was impressive. There are 500 people there. Around 300 disabled people and another 200 staff. It was a bit overwhelming for us. Jess goes to a school with mentally slow people. This place has a variety of needs and also ages. The oldest person is actually 71 years old. Many are very physically challenged. It was overwhelming to see so many disabled people. Jessica is in many ways normal. I sort of wish the director didn't show us the whole place. It's giant and I'm just emotionally overwhelmed! It was very nice, but seeing the needs of the people got to me. But Jessica would be in a small group with 4 to 8 people. Her room would be quite. The staff was very nice and also positive. They keep a very good schedule. Each week they go shopping, have physical therapy and go horseback riding. If she can manage it she can even do some work in their workshop. It's easy work, assembly line stuff. I think it could be fine for her. I just happen to be overwhelmed by the bigness of the place. 2/3rd's of the people also live in the residential houses that are there. Jess would ride the bus there. She would continue to live with us. I would keep her at home all the time, but I know she would be bored. She needs the structure, and contact with others. I also need the time. One thing I don't want to think about is the far future. When we can not care for her because we are too old or dead. If Nicole or Sarah can not care for Jessica she would need a care home. The advantage of this place is if and when she needs a care home she could transition to a home there (where she already knows the people). I don't plan on this happening but if it does it wouldn't be so traumatic for her. She will have a test week in April. We will see what Jessica thinks of the place. I wish she could keep going to school. I feel a little depressed! I'm sure it will be fine, but I wish we were looking at Universities not care groups. Please pray that we can get the funding for Jessica to have her own personal aid. With the right aid she can do much more (set personal goals for every area of her life). We want her to be able to keep learning and writing.

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