Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm certain he is in heaven.

Juergen plans to comes home early so we can go to a funeral. I prayed for the family, and I am so sad for them. I'm sure they will receive a great deal of love and support, but the loss is very great. On the one hand you thank God for the amazing blessing of a good husband and father. Matthias was such a great person. But he left a giant hole. I'm sure the pain is huge. I prayed for healing...and I had hoped God would have healed him. I hoped they would not see this day. But now I pray God will carry them today, and in the days that follow. I'm confused about healing, and why I don't see more healing. But it isn't my job to heal, only to ask. And now it's my job to trust, and to accept. I know that Matthias loved God. I'm certain he is in heaven. The real issue is the years that stand between his family and friends, and their reunion in heaven. Time can be a friend...but in this case it's an enemy. But in time the grief will not be so strong. In this way time is a friend. And all the hugs and support can not heal as much as time. That's no comfort for the family today...but it will be. I'm certain it will be.

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