Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A garage and a kitchen

I found a garage in Leimen we maybe able to rent for the next few months. The idea is to start boxing up everything we want to keep, and move it into storage. That is the books, and book shelves, the photo's and art, the nick knacks and camping supplies etc. Everything that clutters up our house. Get rid of what we don't want, store most of what's left. Then we can paint the walls. An uncluttered house looks better, and sells easier. I also found a kitchen for sale on e-bay. It looks like it could be perfect. It's a bit "old fashion", but big and solid. It's only 1 euro right now. If we bought it I could use the money I saved to send Nicole to Bible school. I would need a garage to store the kitchen until we moved. It needs a new counter top, sink and appliances. But I like it! I'll ask Juergen about it. He will want a new kitchen I think. But he may surprise me. He is into saving money too.

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