Wednesday, March 02, 2011

got boards

Next week the kids have a vacation. We don't plan on going anywhere. Nicole and Thomas will be at a retreat in the church for 4 days. Nicole has her final school exams in March. So I bought the kids new skate boards. I bought them on e-bay and they should come on the weekend. Ever since we visited the skate park in Bad Schönborn they have been asking for new boards. They aren't the highest quality boards you can find. I figure if they want "top of the line" they can save for it. But perhaps it will make a move to Bad Schönborn easier if they know they have a skate park around the corner? Juergen talks with the architect on Friday. We will get an idea of the costs of adding on to the house. If it's reasonable, perhaps will will buy the farm house with the big yard?

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