Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Back to where we once belonged?

Jessica visited the workshop in Wiesloch today. They work in the mornings and hang out and do fun stuff in the afternoons. If we send her there we can not live in Bad Schönborn. She probably can not have a place for one year because they are building. In the mean time, she could continue to go to her school (well, most likely). We can not send her to Wiesloch if we live in Bad Schönborn but we could live in St Leon Rot. We lived in Rot when we first moved to Germany. There is a very nice house there that was used as a driving school. I use to be a driving teacher (no kidding)! I think we will ask to look at this house. It's very big, and has a very nice garden. It is a close bus ride to the s-bahn (fast train)station. It would only take 38 mins for Thomas to get to school. I'm not sure if Philip could go to the good school in Bad Schönborn? Bad Schönborn is very close to Rot. And Sarah could continue to go to her school, but it's a long bus ride! Maybe the driving school is the right place for us? The house is very close to a golf course. I had a dream (years ago) that Thomas learned to play golf. Wouldn’t it be funny if he did?

Here is the house in Rot.

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