Tuesday, March 29, 2011

we are getting there

Juergen is picking up some pizza. He goes to Paris tomorrow on business. I feel like we both have moved mountains of paper work, and "things to do" in the past 2 weeks. But we are getting it done. I'm boxing up nearly everything. Today we sorted old shoes, and board games. There is no use moving shoes that don't fit anymore and puzzles and games the kids have out grown. I hope to start packing books tomorrow. I'll have a box for what I will keep, and one for what I will get rid of. I'm determined to get rid of allot of things! I'm taking the pictures off the wall. Getting ready to paint. I want the house to be clean, and the walls empty. People should have an easy time picturing their stuff in my house. So my stuff is getting packed now. Please pray we can sell the house easily. I don't want to be paying for 2 houses.

Thomas plays drums in a band tomorrow night. There is a special youth service called Jesus House. Because Juergen is in Paris, I got a babysitter. I wouldn’t want to miss hearing Thomas play in a band for the first time! That’s going to be so great!

The weather has been amazingly beautiful! I am looking at all kinds of plants, and dreaming of my garden. The magnolia trees are so lovely this spring. I’ve got to have a few magnolia trees. I’ve seen pink, purple and white magnolias. I understand they also come in yellow and even red. I can tell I’m going to have a very hard time limiting the number of plants in my yard. Right now I want it all…but there isn’t room for everything. I’ve got to think it over and start getting picky! But dreaming about it is fun! I feel like a kid in a candy shop. God has created so many beautiful plants.

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Rick Moreno said...

How exciting for Thomas!