Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The house in Bad Schönborn

Juergen and I went and took a long look at the house that's for sale in Bad Schönborn. It is owned by a very nice Turkish family. I don't care much for their taste in tile, but they are a very warm hearted family. I felt really welcomed in their home. Much of what they have done to the house sort of ruined it's classic character. I guess that's both good and bad. It was a rich mans mini villa. That could be kind of intimidating. I would never have the heart to change that. But they ruined the door frames, and put awful tile over the floors, moved the kitchen, and put stucco over all the wallpaper. So now all you could do is accept the house as "less then grand". It could be made into a family house. More simple, and not at all intimidating. If I have the money I would replace the tile, paint the walls, and build a wall between the living room and kitchen. But I like the place better "less grand". I am after all not very grand myself. We liked the place so much, we will take the kids to see it tonight. That was Juergen's idea so I guess he really liked it! The attic is big but would cost allot to build up. We need 2 more rooms. The boys would have to have their rooms in the basement. They also built a bathroom and bedroom on the ground floor for their parents. I would use the bedroom as an office/guestroom. I don't know if we will buy the house, but I did like it very much. I have a really hard time thinking if I liked the house, or the warm hearted family that lives there. But I prayed 2 things. The first is that Juergen would like it allot. The second thing is I would like the owners and get a good feeling from them. I was totally ready for Juergen to say no...hate it...let's go. It didn't happen! He kept asking questions, and stayed for 2 1/2 hours. He looked at the floor planes. He made plans to see it again! So we will see! I think it could really work! BTW the house was built in 1945 not 1960. They had the water, heat, and electric all done new. They put in 2 bathrooms. They also put a system that cleans the chalk from the water. They added a well in the garden, and a very good pump for the water. I wouldn't need to pay to water my plants. And you can only park for 2 hours in front of the house so they put in the over sized brick driveway.

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caring for the garden said...

Looks like there are many "things" that would need doing before you would feel comfortable moving in. But, all the hardscape outside, all the major house systems inside have been done already. Those are what would have been so very expensive to take care of. Paint and tile are relatively cheep by comparison. Lots to think about.