Monday, March 14, 2011

I pray for grace

Juergen speaks in the SAP arena today. Kind of a big deal! Nicole has 3 abitur exams this week. Also a big deal. I'm praying for Matthias, our friend who had a heart attack. They didn't think he would live through the weekend. He is alive, but hasn't fully awaken from his coma. He has moved his fingers. I think that's a very good sign. I'm praying for a miracle! Not a half baked miracle, but a full recovery. Juergen had one of 2 meetings at the bank. It looks pretty good, but we will not have a clear offer on a house loan for a few days. But it looks pretty good. God willing we can set up a notary appointment in the next few weeks. I’m trying to keep my perspective. It is only a house. Houses can be swept away by tidal waves and floods. But our days are numbered by God. I’m trying very hard to stand on this truth. God will not allow our friend Matthias’ life to be cut short, and his appointed days to be taken from him. But none of us is guaranteed a long and full life. I pray for grace. I pray he will live and not die. That he will live to see his children marry and have families of their own. That his beautiful wife does not have to walk this life with out him by her side! All of this is grace. I pray for grace!

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