Sunday, March 06, 2011


I'm so stunned! Juergen and I decided yesterday we want to live in Bad Schönborn, and no where else. So today I did a web search on houses being sold privately in Bad Schönborn. The first house I found was a house we saw 3 1/2 years ago (Aug 2007). At the time it needed allot of renovation, and we were not ready to move. But every time we look, we have looked for something like this house. Someone bought it, renovated it, and now sells it. I even prayed this morning that we could find something like this house. It has new water, new heat, and new electricity, and a new bathroom. We would need to build rooms in the attic, but it has a big attic. The garden is very large, and it's very near to the S-Bahn station (the fast train). You could be in Heidelberg in 15 minutes, no problem! Juergen and I both love this house! If we could have a house, this would be our "ideal" house! Well, ideal for what we need now. It's not on a hill with a nice view. It's even being sold privately. That means you don't pay the 3.5% real estate cost. But 3 other families will see it before we do. We see it on Wednesday if it's still not sold. Juergen plans to go to the bank first and figure out how we can pay for it (plus the cost of renovating the attic). All I can say is I am amazed! I will try really hard to breath until Wednesday. And God knows how much I would love this house. But if we don't get it, I will have to believe he controls that too. I just can't believe it's on the market and it is the house Juergen and I both wanted most! It will still need allot of work and it's not the cheapest place we have seen. We will just pray for God's help and wisdom.

These photo's are from 2007. I will show photo's of the house today if we get to see it. I really hate what they have done. They took the door out between the living room, office. They put up stone. It looks like a cheep Italian restaurant. They painted in awful yellow tones. They put the kitchen in the office. It's pretty bad! But we can fix it. And they did some good stuff in the garden. They put new grass in. They also put in a nice brick driveway.


Shelley said...

God gives us the desires of our hearts and he waits till everyone is in agreement.
Now that is what I'm talking about.

Jill W said...

Praying it all works out!