Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hey look, I didn't forget! I love you Mom! I will try to call you today!

Juergen took the fast train to Paris today. He can get there in 3 hours. That's pretty amazing! He comes home on Friday. Tonight Thomas plays drums at Jesus House. This is a special youth service. He has never played in a real band before. I'm excited to hear him play. Nicole will be working the sound board. In the mean time I'm cleaning and packing!


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Mom, getting things ready for tomorrows party. Love, Shelley

Rick Moreno said...

Happy Birthday Mom, Hope you had fun with Shelley and that your gift got there. Love SOOOOOOOO Much!

Dianna said...

Hope you had a good one see you tomarrow