Friday, March 18, 2011

We signed something!

A banker came to our house and gave us an amazing deal on a house loan. We got 3.25% fixed for 20 years. We get no penalty for switching banks, and no penalty for paying the loan off early. We want to pay it down early because of our advanced age! We have money for the house, and the renovation. We also have insurance in case Juergen dies. I hope this does not happen, but we want to be wise. So it looks (God willing) like we will buy our house. We still have to sign a contract with the owners. That looks like it will happen next week. It could still fall through, but it looks like a go. Juergen's boss told him about this Bank. It saved us almost 2% on the loan. Amazing!

It is the PSD Bank. They are a German bank that is 135 years old. They only do house loans. I'm amazed at the money we are saving by doing business with them. Check them out if you are shopping for a house loan!

So now we need to fix our house up and try to sell it. We are looking at renovating our bathroom. I also bought a paint sprayer at ALDI's this week. I want to paint everything white. We want to rent storage to put all our extra everything in. We will try hard to make our house clean and spacious. I also need to make the garden very friendly. Everything to make the house something families would want to buy. I have my work cut out for me!

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