Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Breakfast with Nicole

Nicole finished her high school exams yesterday. I'm sure she passed (well). She still has a 10 minute oral exam in May. But basically she is done! So she has the rest of this week off. We went to IKEA for breakfast. I saw this cool kitchen. I love it! I was surprised to love a black kitchen, but I total do! But it cost over 5,300 Euro with out the appliances. I'm sure I can find a better deal...but perhaps in this style? I love the Island and the white sink.

The funeral was done well. There were 100's of people. We stood outside the chapel, because there was no space. I hope that brought a small degree of comfort to the family. Matthias was loved. But they had to receive the hugs from all those people. I think that must have been bitter sweet. They were very courageous. I am praying for their rest and peace. The weeks have been so awful, and the way ahead will be very hard. I remember when Jessica had heart surgery when she was 3 months old. Our world came to a stop. It seemed so odd everyone else just went on...they kept on living. It seemed almost strange that everyone didn't just stop because our baby was so sick. But of course life does have the right to continue. And it will continue for the family of Matthias, even if they feel like the whole world should stop. But I'm sure it will take some time for them to what to wake up and face the days. I pray God gives them the help they need for each day.

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Shelley said...

lots going on, congrats Nicole