Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today Nicole and I went to the building supply store and looked at bathroom tile. We found some tile we think will work nicely. It is off white wall tile with a brown mosaic tile for an accent. Then a nice terracotta tile for the floor. They also had nice shower boxes and sinks...but I may get those at another store. OBI was the store. They also have a special price on the supplies you need to renovate the attic. We definitely need to look at their "deal". It maybe something for us. I'm wondering if they also have the people who can do the work for us? It could be an answer for us? I also bought book boxes there. I think we must own 30 boxes of books. But I love my books, so I want to keep them! I am enjoying having Nicole home this week. She returns to school on Monday and I'm sad about that!

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