Friday, March 04, 2011

when we don't like the answer

It's starting to look like spring outside. I took the pictures of plants on our street. Tomorrow I clean up my yard (God willing). I'm a little down. Juergen spoke to an architect today about the house in Bad Schönborn. It would cost too much to add on to the house. That's the bottom line. So I'm really sad! I know that the right place will come along in it's time. But I have seeds to plant, and very little space to put them. I need to register Jessica for a day care program, but I don't know where she will go? I know in my head that God will reveal his perfect will in his own time...but I'm pretty sad I will not have that amazing garden. Wait is not my favorite word. But this is the word…so even if I feel like crying I will wait.

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