Wednesday, March 02, 2011


My first farm house is sold. I guess that's bad news for us, but I'm happy for the owner. He is a nice guy. It does UN complicate things. I can only look at the 2nd farm house. And interest rates are beginning to go up. If we do something, we need to do it very soon!

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Shelley said...

I remember when a home I was interested sold it had 3 acres and two little houses on it. I wanted to turn one house into a b&b and we over time would fix the other house for us to live in. By the time we decided to do it someone else bet us to the chase. When I found out about it I was in tears and Dianna knew my heart sank. She said to me "Don't worry Shelley something better will turn up." She was right something else better did turn up and now we are living in Lewisburg.
If what I thought would be our dream home worked out we would still be working on it.
So words of encouragement I will say "something that is mean for you will turn up, but when the timing is right. Love, you