Friday, March 11, 2011

The Attic

If we buy the house (we plan to buy it but nothing is in writing yet) we need to build 2 bedrooms in the attic. This is the attic. It's actually pretty large. We need to ask an architect what can be done with it. Is the floor strong enough? Can you cut the beams on the side to give more head room? What can we expect to pay? Juergen is able to do most of the work himself. He can use it as a time to teach the boys about how to use a hammer. Juergen has a meeting with the bank on Monday (God willing). A friend of ours had a serious heart attack this week. He is the same age as Juergen. I'm excited about the house, but pretty sober too. After all, it's just a house. It would be pretty meaningless if I lost Juergen. I'm praying for Matthias to live and recover. His wife and kids need him.


caring for the garden said...

No, you must not cut any beams. They are the support for the roof. By all means have an engineer give you final advice, but from what I see, wall could be built at the higher junction of side beams with ceiling beams, leaving a large storage area between inside and outside walls.

Rick Moreno said...

Prayers out for your friend and his family. Mom's right about the walls. You are going to want sky lights and at least some windows added. Exciting stuff!

Shelley said...

I pray your friend recovers from his attack, scary stuff.