Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm into sustainable gardening. I'm challenged to plant a garden for now (a movable garden) and plan a garden for the new house. And as great as the new house is, I'm moving for the garden. We will move from 300 square meters to 1300 square meters. I'm so excited! But even with the extra space, I can not plant everything! I want fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and chickens. I need space for a greenhouse and space for compost. I already have a good idea of where we will put stuff. The owner put in a large well. I have free water! Any ideas on the very best fruit trees? If you could plant a tree, what kind would you plant? What's your favorite apple, pear, plumb and peach? I have space for one nut tree, what kind should I plant?


Shelley said...

Does Germany have a horticulture department on line that mentions the best varieties for your area? We have OSU extension service. There are a lot of dwarf pest and diseased resistance.

There is also a method of growing trees by trellising them along a wall. It's actually really cool and take less space.

If you have a favorite pear, apple you like to eat see if you can grow it in your area. I like bosc pears, and braburn apples.

Vermiculture is easy and takes less space than composting. Compost tumblers and containers are a waist of money. I saw a talk from an OSU professor on composting. You need to stack a pile higher than you with so much green and brown matter and some moisture. Most folks don't have enough area to do this.

My worm composing in the kitchen doesn't smell and the worms are very active.

Chickens are a great source of compost.
They also eat a lot of kitchen scraps.

I buy chicken compost and dilute it in water to fertilize my plants.

Shelley said...

I have a walnut and 4 filberts in our yard and I don't get one nut. The squirrels beat me to it. So I don't know if I would waist time and space for a nut tree.

Italian plums are the best for fresh eating and drying. I don't know about peaches. They are a fussy tree, they are prone to all sorts of problems in Oregon because of our wet weather.

I'm excited for you.

BB's Blog said...

Walnüsse sind klasse hier, tragen gut und Eichhörnchen stellen kein großes Problem dar. Haselnüsse habe ich hier noch nicht gesehen, sie wachsen eher weiter nördlich. Du könntest eine Feige versuchen, in sonnigen Jahren tragen die hier auch gut. Und Spalierobst, das an der Wand, wächst hier auch gut, braucht aber viel Pflege.