Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Nicole and I met a friend of mine for breakfast. Then I cleaned Jessica's room and the bathroom. Cleaning Jessica's room would make anyone tired. I also packed the boy's books, and started a box for unwanted toys. Of course I cooked lunch, shopped for food, drove the kids and... and... and! I'm looking at all we have to do to get our house ready to sell. It's allot! We got a bid on the the bathroom. It looks pretty good. We will probably go ahead and let these people do it for us. They can do it right now, and we need it done soon. We have seen their work and they do a good job. I think I want to find a house cleaner. I want my windows washed and my kitchen cabinets cleaned. I would like to sell the kitchen with the house but who would want my kitchen unless it's spotless? We also did some yard work today. When I sit down I feel like I would fall asleep. I'm really tired!

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