Thursday, March 31, 2011

In 5 short years

I’m not the one that has a 5 year plan. I use to plan, then I became the mother of 5 busy kids. They basically have the schedule, and I plan around them. It would be impossible to manage things any other way. But I’m packing boxes, and thinking about the new “Big” house. And it’s clear to me that Nicole may not live with us in 5 years. She will be 22 years old (almost 23). She will be done with art school (most likely). And Thomas will almost be 19 years old. He will also be headed to University (most likely). Philip will be 18 and most likely training for a trade. Only Jessica and Sarah will be with us for a longer term (most likely). Know one knows if they will live to see next week. God has our days numbered. I’m only guessing here. But it does not make allot of sense to spend a large sum of money to renovate our attic. They boys will be fine in the basement as long as we put in big windows. And when Nicole, Thomas and Philip all move out Sarah will be lonely. I seriously think we should consider adopting another girl that is Sarah’s age.

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