Friday, July 29, 2011

what is going on

We get the key to the basement this weekend. The handworkers begin to do the boy's bedrooms on Monday. The owners bank failed to do some important paper work. We have to wait until all the paper work is finished, then we get the house keys. I don't know how long that will take. I'm packing. Our movers are coming Aug 22. I hope we have everything ready by then. We may need to push the move back a few weeks? We may show our house at least once to someone who is interested in buying it (the Leimen house). Today I'm just packing Thomas for camp. I’m pretty happy because Juergen has his last work day for 2 weeks. He and Philip will be working on the new house, God willing on Monday. One of our goals for the year was to teach our boys how to work. So Juergen works with Philip this week while Thomas is in camp. Then He will work with Thomas while Philip goes to camp. Sarah may also be able to attend the Sola kids camp. Philip’s friends are not able to attend. We have 3 extra spots paid for. So maybe Sarah can go, and we will find 2 more campers. I’m doing my best not to think about the sale of our Leimen house. I’m trying hard to just do what ever I need to do for the move. I bought paint on sale yesterday. Today I packed my books. I have so much to do, I am really trying not to waste my sleep worrying about our house not selling. God will give us wisdom.

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