Sunday, July 31, 2011

We got the keys!

We met the owners today. They were really sad about losing their house. I don't blame them for that. But they couldn't afford it after their kids moved out. They moved to an apartment. That's very sad! But they were very nice and gave us the keys. The bank is still doing paper work. It's still their house for at least one week. We can start to paint, and work on the boys rooms. I'm very excited about that! Juergen and I have a babysitter tonight. We may just get a pizza and eat it in our house! The grass has not been cut all summer long. It is covered with dandelions. I feel like that is a real blessing from God! A good friend of mine once had a word from God that we would be like dandelions...influence that would spread out wide! Most people would hate a garden full of dandelions, but I feel like God was smiling on me today!

If you want to help us paint this week, let me know.

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