Monday, July 11, 2011

Nicole's bedroom set, Jessica's Dr

Juergen wrote a letter to the seller of Nicole's bedroom set. He wrote that we saw what they have done, and they should give us the set for our price or we will report them to eBay. They wrote back that they would call the police because we are trying to extort. Juergen will write them back. They can keep the set, we don't want to buy it from them. But we will report the whole thing to eBay because what they have done is wrong! So sadly Nicole will not get the set. The seller will most likely get kicked off of eBay...and then open another eBay account. But at least they will find out they can not do stuff like this. I hope eBay doesn't give us any trouble. We should have reported them directly instead of trying to figure it out privately!

Juergen and I took Jessica to an autism specialist today. It took 5 of us to hold her down while they took blood. They are testing things like Vit D, and serotonin levels. We want to see if anything Natural can be given to improve her anxiety level. She needs to calm down, and not be so aggressive towards others. We meet the Dr next week for results.

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