Sunday, July 10, 2011

I didn't win the bid

I waited until the last minute to bid on Nicole's bedroom set. Unfortunately the winner of the set was willing to bid higher then me. And what is funny is the winner of the set already posted the bedroom set again on eBay as a direct buy for 3 times what they had paid (too rich for my blood)! At least I know I have an eye for what is good! And I'll just have to keep looking for another set for her. She turns 18 years old in August. I think an Art Deco Bedroom set would be a very cool gift!

Wait a minute!!! It is the very same seller that has listed the bedroom set at a higher price!!! We are going to contact them and say "wait a minute"!!!! If they do not sell it to us, at our price we will contact eBay. That is not legal! They can not buy it themselves and re list it at a higher price! WRONG!!!!

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