Wednesday, July 27, 2011

paint is on sale

Today the kids had their last day of school. The report cards were all pretty good. Everyone got a B average. Tomorrow I'll take them to Toys R Us for a small reward. It was a sad day for Jessica. Saying goodbye is never easy. I cried when I gave small gifts to the bus drivers that pick Sarah and Jessica up. It hit me...we really are moving!

I take the kids to "Praktiker" tomorrow morning. They have a crazy one day paint sale. We already bought the white paint we will use for the moldings and ceilings. We got that half price last month. So now we get the colored paints half price too. The paper work never got sent from the owners bank. The bank really blew it! So we will not be getting the keys on Monday. I'm not sure when we can start to paint. But the owners will give us the basement keys (maybe even on Saturday). We can start work on the boys rooms "as planned". So I'm ok with this. We get to start the work, and we don't pay interest on 2 houses for at least a few days more. We got an inquiry about our house. Perhaps we will show it this weekend? I'm going to try to not expect too much. I'm doing pretty good not worrying...I want to keep it that way.

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