Saturday, July 23, 2011

where is my faith?

I really don't know what we should do about our house. I need some faith to look with joy to Gods plan. Instead of anticipating His goodness I am full of fear! I should not doubt He will give us wisdom and provision. The very big bills are landing on Juergen's desk. The bank, notary and city all want their money. We will need to pay for 2 houses next month, That really hurts! And we need wisdom about weather we should rent our house out...and a good renter! If we rent our house out, we need to keep the kitchen here. We need to plan on painting. Maybe plan on an easy garden for the renter to care for. I even had the idea of using our house as an vacation house. If I could rent it out one week per month it would just about cover the mortgage. Two weeks per month would actually give us a profit. But is there a market for a vacation house near Heidelberg?

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