Saturday, July 23, 2011

at the end of the day

OK, I've thought and I've worried. I've read and I've listened to the bad news from our neighbors saying we need to sell at an even lower price (we would already be loosing 11,000€ at the price we have it now). But at the end of the day I feel like God is telling me to wait. Wait and see the salvation of the Lord. I'm not going to be Sarah who could not have a baby, so she came up with plan B. Big mistake! It's really hard to know what to do right now. I certainly don't want to be foolish. But I've cleaned, lowered the price, thought about other paths (and maybe we will rent). But right now I feel like I should just relax and wait on God. So I've done all I can for one weekend! I'm going to rest. Philip has a birthday party tomorrow. It's not his real birthday, but we wanted to celebrate before the move. We are going bowling again. I'll make spaghetti and salad. I also have apple strudel with ice cream.

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Shelley said...

Sounds like a fun party