Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A cold wet day

There is a cold rain outside. It feels more like the late fall, not mid summer. Jessica got sick at school so I picked her up. She had her graduation yesterday but she has class until next week. We will see if she recovers enough to go back this week.

I found a darling black iron bed on e Bay I want to buy for Jessica's bedroom. I would paint her bedroom a pale yellow. I also saved a very large box of old jeans. I thought I would make some quilts from them. That would look cute in Jessica's room. She has allot of Art's and crafts stuff from school. I'm also giving her the large wardrobe Nicole painted. It's going to be a very nice bedroom. Sarah gets Jessica and Nicole's white iron daybeds. Her room will be 2 shades of pink and also tan with white butterflies. I think we are going to give Nicole the ground floor bedroom (the old kitchen). I bought allot of nice African stuff for Jessica's room, but now I'm going to give it to Nicole. I am going to try to find an old bedroom set with a king size bed. Nicole has been working on African animal masks. Those will go in her room. When we have guests, Nicole can move upstairs. Sarah will have an extra bed, or Jessica will also have a large bed. So Nicole's room will double as our guestroom. It has it's own bathroom across the hall. Nicole's office stuff can be upstairs in the sunroom. And her art workshop will be down stairs in the basement. She is basically going to be spread out all over the house. But I'm glad she is willing to be flexible. It will be a very nice guest room.

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