Friday, July 22, 2011

Just a dream

I packed another box today and cleaned too. Nicole did some garden work. Jessica has been home with a flu. Philip and Sarah got their report cards. Philip got a B (2) average. That's pretty good! First graders don't get grades but Sarah did very well. Thomas gets his grades next week. I think he did fine. I hope I have no least not negative surprises! I'm feeling a little down. The weather has been pretty wet and cold. I'm frustrated about the non sale of our house. I am also a little disappointed we don't get the keys to our new house today. But I know it will work out OK. I'm just impatient. I have been looking a big swings. I am pretty sure we don't have the money for a big swing, but I can dream! I use to spend hours on the swings when I was a kid. But most of our kids are big now. I don't want a little swing only Sarah can use. I want something Jessica can play on. Something a youth group can play on. It will probably just have to go on my wish list...but isn't this a cool swing!

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