Saturday, July 09, 2011


Juergen and I found a plain Terracotta we both liked at Hornback. It is a finished ceramic tile in Terracotta color. The real stuff (real terracotta) cost much more, and needs to be ruffed up/distressed, sealed, stained, and waxed. We think we can always pull the tile up and refinish the marble. But this tile cost only 12.50Euro per SM, while finishing marble cost 40€ per SM and is much harder to maintain. At this point we are concerned about money, and over all maintenance. I think it will look nice but not "too" nice. I don't want people to feel uneasy because it's too fine. We live there, and we are not "fine" designer types! So we can order the tile 10 days before we need it. We plan to have it put down the 3rd week of August. I found a wardrobe on EBay I want to buy. It is a good size for the hall. It sells on Monday, so I hope I can win the bid. I am also bidding on an 1930 Art Deco bedroom set for Nicole's 18Th birthday. Nicole picked it out, and loves it. That sells tomorrow afternoon. I can not forget to bid at the last moment! I won't bid now, or I will push the price way up! I'll post pictures if I win the bids. I found a table and chairs at a 2nd hand store, but Juergen didn't like them. So I'm being very good...not buying anything big without asking him first. But we want a sofa sleeper for Sarah's room, a bigger table for the kitchen, and over stuffed chairs for Jessica's tv room.

We have 2 families coming to look at our house in Leimen Sunday afternoon. It would be awsome if we could sell it! I'm going to clean very good today. Monday I am going to start packing (God willing).

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Shelley said...

I know the hornbach well, we visited it almost everyday the last time I helped you move.